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RENAIssance Reading Circle

A collective of beautiful souls committed to gathering in person for the primary purpose of renewing and reviving your approach to life and to cultivating community. The Renaissance Reading Circle is comprised of people who have selected to read Dr. Renai Ellison’s memoir and personal development book, From Fake to Phenomenal:

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8 Secrets to Abandon Inauthenticity and Embrace Self-Discovery (F2P). Becoming a part of this group is a step towards embracing your interest and desire to deepen your exploration of the art of introspection.


Dr. Renai facilitates each one-hour circle conversation which is hosted by libraries, bookstores, private homes, clubs, on college campuses, and with women’s ministries. There is no monetary investment to attend or participate in the circle. It will be helpful to have your own copy of F2P so that you may lend your voice to the discussion from a place of common ground with other Renaissance Reading Circle members. For more information about Renaissance Reading Circles, please reach out to Dr. Renai's team at

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