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"From Fake to Phenomenal"

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How would you like to discover the most authentic, captivating, phenomenal you?


In From Fake to Phenomenal, trailblazing model and TV personality turned life and leadership development coach Renai Ellison, EdD shares her inspiring stories and transformational tips to help you discover the keys to unlocking your best life. Renai’s 8 secrets to abandon inauthenticity and embrace self-discovery provide a roadmap to success, for both your personal and professional journey.


Renai shares RENAIssance Reflections that give you essential takeaways from her memoir that will resonate with you and connect your dots to find your authentic self. Integrating Renai’s unique brand of wisdom into your life will inspire you to walk unapologetically into your God-given destiny. Each secret’s Thoughts to Ponder encourage and challenge you to dig deeper, reflect more, and grow exponentially. This is your day to believe that phenomenal is right around the corner.

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